Larry Laliberte, GIS Librarian, U. of A.:  The Power of GIS, Geovisualization and Metadata for Online Historical Collections.

Over the past fifteen years many collections (textual, numerical, photo, maps) have been digitized and are available online. However, they often exist as either standalone platforms isolated from other digital collections, or as databases that can be queried but not expressed spatially. By highlighting various #HGIS examples, the presentation touched upon how thinking spatially and combining the power of GIS, geovisualization and metadata open up interesting ways of spatially linking, querying, and mapping online collections.

Larry’s presentation which was also part of the U of A’s GIS Day.

Ian MacLaren, Dept. of History & Classics: “Edward Weller’s Map to Illustrate Mr. Kane’s Travels in the Territory of the Hudson’s Bay Company (1859).”

He discussed the map that accompanied Paul Kane’s, Wanderings of an Artist. (1859) He has found that cartographer Edward Weller (1819–1884) received £12 for drawing and engraving the map that accompanied the first edition. This appears to be a well-known name among cartographic historians. We discussed various discrepancies in the map, how it does, and doesn’t, relate to the narrative and why it may have been included in the published volume.