John Horrigan: Two Previously Unrecorded, Manuscript Maps from the British War in Sinai and Palestine, 1919.

The first, THE WATER COMPANIES[,] ROYAL  ENGINEERS[,] WORK IN EGYPT & PALESTINE, 1917 – 1919, is a campaign map of the Water Company’s work, including maintenance of the essential Suez water pipeline. The pipeline enabled the British to advance to Gaza and supplied them while they struggled to take the city. The map also includes key water infrastructure maintained by the WC throughout Palestine.

A second, untitled map shows the plan of a divisional base believed to be located near Sarona. This area played an important role in the creation and administration of both the Palestine Mandate and the new state of Israel.

Very little (if any) work on the Water Companies has been done. Drawing on their unpublished War Diaries and a boon of recently published works, Mr. Horrigan summarized his research to date and attempted  to contextualize the maps within the larger events of the war.

Joseph Patrouch: “The Imagined Landscapes of the Holy Roman Empire in 1570 as portrayed in Abraham Ortelius: Theatrum Orbis Terrarum: (A Work in Progress”;.