(Late) Fall 2014

Andreas Korsos: update on the David Thompson Map Project, the dating process of the Ontario Archives edition and the edition in the British Archives (Kew) which includes additional text. This map has now been photographed, digitized, mosaiced and plotted. The facsimile is now mounted in the Elizabeth Dafoe Library at the University of Manitoba. The team is now considering a similar project for the 1794 map by Philip Turner

Winter 2015

Andreas Korsos, gis analyst, cartographer, and independent researcher (49 North Geospatial), spoke further about his work with an 1826 manuscript edition of David Thompson’s, Map of the North-West Territory of the Province of Canada.

Presentation Summary:

Far from the careful reach of scholars and researchers in Canada and the United States, David Thompson’s c.1826 manuscript map of Northwestern North America, measuring 2 x 3 metres, encompasses an area from 45 degrees to 60 degrees north latitude and 84 degrees to 126 degrees west longitude.

Because this unique manuscript map was never engraved and no copies ever produced, it was almost completely unknown. Located in an archive in the United Kingdom, this outstanding map remained elusive and inaccessible to most researchers and scholars in Canada and would remain so if it weren’t for the evolution of high resolution imagery digital technology.

Andreas provided a brief presentation outlining the replication of David Thompson’s 1826 Map and the evolution of digital imagery and the map’s eventual donation and placement at the Elizabeth Dafoe Library, University of Manitoba. He also updated the group on the progress thus far on the replication of another historically significant map currently held at the Hudson Bay Company Archives.