Ron Kelland, Coordinator, Geographical Names Program, Alberta Culture and Tourism, spoke about the  AB/BC Interprovincial Boundary Survey and First World War Commemorative Place Names. Many of the peaks in the Kananaskis region of the Alberta Rockies carry names honouring World War I military and political leaders and war ships. While the origin behind many of these commemorative names have been forgotten, others still remain prominent and the reputation of some have been tarnished since they were named in the years following the war.

Jonathan Schaeffer, Computing Science and Dean of Science, discussed the history of the discovery of the fabled North-west Passage. For many centuries, finding a navigable path through the Arctic labyrinth of islands proved to be a dangerous, daunting (and expensive) challenge. Jonathan’s talk, illustrated with early maps, introduced us to the (mis)information provided by maps and the serious consequences.

John Huck, Metadata Librarian and Map Cataloguer, University of Alberta Libraries, gave a brief report on a meeting he attended at Stanford University called Geo4Libcamp. The “unconference”-style event saw representatives from 21 research libraries meet to discuss ways to work together on repository and discovery infrastructure for geospatial data, with a focus on GeoBlacklight, largely developed at Stanford University .