Maker(s):   Carlo A. Barbiellini

Year:   1802

Size:   78.74 x 63.5 cm (31 x 25″)

Colour: No

Condition:   Copper engraved map on hand-made paper with a strong impression. 1″ hole at LL with no loss of image. Folds as issued in this edition.

Comments:   Italian version of Vancouver’s important map, being the first generally accurate general chart of the Pacific Northwest, California and southeastern Alaska. This fascinating and detailed chart is a rare Italian edition of a chart by great Pacific explorer Captain George Vancouver and his chief cartographer, Lieutenant Edward Roberts, first published in 1797. This map delineates the entire West Coast of North America from south of San Diego California to the site of Anchorage, Alaska. It is the culmination of the the excellent surveying by James Cook, La Pérouse, and Robert Gray, as well as surveys conducted by the Spanish Armada Real.

References:   Tav. 39

Region:   Pacific, Canada, Alaska, BC

Price:   $1100.00 USD